Velo Club Moulin

Sunday, 4 October 2009



It was beautiful to see so many folk out on a crispy day for the first round of Scottish Cyclocross. The course was generally fast, and the large field took full advantage, speeding from the gun like greased lightening. A surprise call up left me going backwards, then settling into the mid pack around the first loop and taking the run up reasonably. John Mac helped me lift the beast as it pumped out 1 watt of rock and roll for the masses.

And then the climb. No way to get on top of the gear, hug the thorny sides and act penitent. Grind it out, shifting to and fro in the saddle and try to catch everyone back on the gravel trail after the woodsy descent.

The first half slipped by and i continued to slip back. The Moulineers pounded out the rhythm though, and it was surely a top team performance and Maddy on the podium.

45 minutes in and i thought i may split my thighs. Then the emotional release of finishing.

Forget spare wheels, i may need spare legs next time. Bring on Auchentoshan.

Singlespeedwidow pics.


chrisD said...

damn you look good on those drops!
good work all round, it looked very hard, very hard.

Simon said...

Nice one Jon. Looked like a pretty tough course!

Dean said...

Excellent job! Looks like a fantastic course.

Markdubya said...

Well done team, Some cracking results all round. Sorry I couldn't be there. My CX season will kick off at glenmore.

Well done all.

Jim said...

Areyou racing that fixed?