Velo Club Moulin

Monday, 26 October 2009

Mud och aye the noo

I must say that was fun! Good turn oot from vcm. Cheers for the support on the course.
Cheers to Trina for some great photo's. Makes me laugh. Results should prove interesting. Not quite sure how on earth they work it out. Just got lapped by Craig and Moodie one lap to go. Shame Must try harder. Sure will be great next week for a wee bit of banter. Will bring some extra strong tape for DrJon. Anyway let's Shown em how's it done out there kids. Miffae de Muir


andytrailfettler said...

a very well done to the VCM crew on Sunday. roll on Glenmore!

the pics got me all revved up for racing but will have to hold off till next season..

Miffae de Muir said...

We miss hurricane Andy.

chrisD said...

good things come to those who wait, the Hurricane will be back ;-)