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Monday, 30 November 2009

An apology to the Moulin Massive

What can I say. There I was staring at the proofs for issue 15 of Rouleur magazine. It was deadline bound and I was being hounded for captions to the images. I sat there staring at a shot from last year's Mull race. From high up, looking across the running stream of the first day and over the ocean to the isles beyond. The sun had just broken through the clouds. Do you remember that bit?
I thought, can I see Skye from here can't I? That thought was in my head so much that I wrote it down. Of course, when I phoned the printer to tell them they could only tell me that those pages had gone to press. FUCK! So apologies people. I take full shame. On the plus side there are beaucoup cross images in the issues from Crossvegas, Belgium and UK and cross on the cover.

I'm shuffling out now.......


martysavalas said...

not since the clearances have the islands of Scotland been so besmirched.

michty, michty me.


ThePixelMerch©nt said...

Parts of me are going to the four corners I can tell.... I think I may have to blag a few issues and send em up ;-)

martysavalas said...

nice pictures mr.