Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Inverkeithing Sufferfest

Is everyone trying to forget the pain then?

Sunday's Scottish Cyclocross race at Inverkeithing was one of the toughest, muddiest cx races I can remember. Not since the last race held at Sighthill Park in Glasgow has my bike weighed nearly as much as me at the end of a race.

Still, I secretly quite liked it. Whether it was the mud at the far end of the course that made a funny farty noise when you ran through it or the cheese and pickle toastie in the cafe that made me forget about the pain, I don't recall.

Results are still due, but conditions took out 33.3% of the plucky VCM starters. Toughen up for next time a bit lads.

On to Dundee next weekend. I hear that we're going to be using the track - just like the Roubaix World Cup round...


Dean said...

Excellent work.

Stanmer was the Southern VCM venue; me and the Horse racing, Lisa and Jones on heckle and beer hand-up duties. Good fun.

If you look closely on the Roubaix video you'll see a bunch of us at the top of the steeeeep, sloppy descent. A hideous/superb course. Would be amazing to race it...

martysavalas said...

s'more shots from Sunday here:

PureMTB said...

Cyclocross is crazy!! it must be the toughest form of bike racing around.

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