Velo Club Moulin

Saturday, 28 November 2009


It is time to move on. I have had a fantastic year racing in The VCM colours, it has been an honour and a privilege.

After alot of thinking and some more thinking I am defecting over to ride for Morvelo A clothing company started by a very good friend from university. I will miss the pimping white skinsuit, I might not miss having to scrub it clean three times after a race!

I look forward to seeing you all again at a race soon.

Cheers for the good times.


martysavalas said...

who are ya?!


Phil The Horse said...

I'm whatever you want me to be..... Boing!!!

Markdubya said...

You went to university? How? ;)

Good luck with your new team bud. remember you signed a disclosure statement when you joined not to disclose the inner most secrets of the team. We'll be watching!!!

Phil The Horse said...

don't worry what happened in the team, stays in the team ;-)