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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20 miles too far..

Inspired by the Goatee of Filth ride and with the day off work and the sun shining, I took to the road bike on one of my most favourite rides, with a few tweaks:

Peebles to Traquair then over the 'Paddy Slacks' to the Gordon Arms in Yarrow Valley. Straight over here and another steady climb up and over the 'Berrybush' and a screaming fast descent with added loose gravel twitchiness to Crosslee in the Ettrick Valley. Left here and tailwind assistance down the valley to Kirkhope.

Fox, sadly deceased, at a layby on the Paddy Slacks climb

Swire climb from the summit back down towards Ettrick Valley

Left again and a relatively short, steady grind up the Swire and descent to Yarrow (singletrack for road bikes!).

Amazingly bright red house at Yarrowford

Right and down the Yarrow valley towards Selkirk, taking in the road/dirt track through Philiphaugh estate. Resist stopping at the Watermill cafe, but soon regret this on the rough, lumpy road towards Yair bridge. Starting to fade/hurt now, even though i've been shovelling food down all ride - my lack of fitness and endurance becoming all too apparent!

Start of unpaved section at The Yair estate

At Yair bridge I skip off the main road heading straight on instead, singletrack road first then 3km ish of dirt road, rough at first then faster and looser approaching Yair Forest. Anyone who's done the Selkirk 'Merida' will be familiar with this bit.

Dirt road through Yair forest

The final stretch is along one of the hidden gems of the Tweed Valley - the oft deserted back road that runs along the south side of the river all the way back to Peebles. Sadly, although sheltered in places, a headwind is sapping any remaining zing and all I can do is soft pedal along, legs heavy like concrete and mind starting to blur. The thought of stopping for a quick sleep at the side of the road crosses my mind often but it's late and need to get back to feed Frog the cat.

Back road between Peel and Walkerburn.

20 miles too far methinks..

Stats for cats: 60 miles, 3hr 53, 2 x 750ml Torq energy drink, 5 x energy bar (various), 1 x Torq gel. Post ride: 10 mins stretching and Torq recovery ~ 400ml, shower, 30 mins sleep then more food!


martysavalas said...

look at that saddle glow! it's like something from excalibur*!

* the film

chrisD said...

good work young gun.