Velo Club Moulin

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Contin Mudfest

Velo Club Moulin's Gordymac, Johnvcm, and Lindsay took to the hills of the North on Sunday at Contin. Back on the radar after a few years break it was set to test all those involved.

An uphill start was always going to make it tough.

Round the bend and out of sight riders were faced with the brutal climb up to View Rock, with this track usually reserved for descending, heading skyward was a shock to the system.

The ringing of cowbell welcomed riders to the top of View Rock before a short off camber section took them over the mud covered camelback and round Loch Na Cran. More slippery single track ensued dropping riders to the short water splash, Futile in it's efforts to free some mud from riders bikes as the following descent was a muddy toboggan run back into the finish arena.

Johnyvcm and Gordymac duelled it out in Masters with me getting to within sight of John at the start of lap three it was enough to spur him onto a 7th place finish with me following closely behind in 9th no doubt both of us aided by the vociferous track side Vcm fan club. Lindsay finished a very muddy race with a well earned 3rd place.

I must have been doing something right as i was still smiling a the finish, Although the quest for a lighter bike for next time has started already..........

Pictures by Ross Nixon.


chrisD said...

nice work folks,

Gordymac said...

Cheers, Quite pleased with my effort and already looking for ways to improve.

chrisD said...

ride faster would be my advice ;-)