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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

G of F - la vue de l'arrière du peleton

Culross pave pic lifted from Marty's twitter

Last Sunday saw the 2nd edition of the Goatee of Filth. Not having the best of fitness at present I was relieved to meet up with other mouliners at Marty's for pre ride coffee and prep - lots of wheels to hide behind to blag it up the climbs!

More mouliners at Inverkeithing swelled the group to 8 as we hit the first secteur of pave, a short steep little number that runs up behind Sandy Wallace's bike shop. Big grins all around at the top.

Next underneath the M90 and along back roads that eventually dump us out on the shore of the Forth. Sun's out now and all feels good as the peleton rolls along towards Culross. Walkers kindly restrain their pooches and look on with a degree of bemusement.

The Culross secteur of pave feels as lumpy as it did a year ago, the tarmac after possibly even steeper....and longer. Nelly zips off like at scalded cat in front, jon, simon and dougie dance up not far behind. Me, well, I just try and keep a steady rhythm going and hope not to blow my engine too soon..

More lovely winding back roads lay ahead. From here my geography fails me. There's chat of hitting the Knockhill climb but I think we miss the turn off. About the same time, the rain starts. My lack of road riding of late becomes all to apparent with a failed attempt to don rain jacket mid pedal. Fear of the second arm catching in the rear spokes and the road turning downhill not far ahead forces me to concede defeat and stop. Amateur!

Flying in the face of the forecast, the rain comes on heavier and things get alot chillier. Nelly splits off to head for Cupar then Simon and Iain clip off the front for warmth and home, whilst Jon, Marty, Maddy and I make for Burntisland. For a while I worry that any stop now will put us in real trouble - it's getting that cold. Please no punctures now.

The last climb completed, it's all downhill to the finish. Hands are so darn cold though I dare not let fully off the brakes on the run in to Burntisland. The wind chill gets me properly shivering by Marty's front door. Wet clothes quickly off, dry ones on, fantastic soups, coffee and cake (thanks Sue!) and the final 40km of the Ronde on the tv. Happy!

Thanks v.much Marty for organising. Must do this again soon. Ace to get out on the bike with other VCMers. Anyone up for a ride in the Borders some point? Road, cross or mtb options a plenty.

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martysavalas said...

i have some plans for later in year...

more rides - feeling love for the open road at the mo. let's name some dates and make things happen.