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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Eddie Morgan RR

At the race briefing the race commissaire, was saying how he and Eddie were great rivals on the bike and great friends off the bike. Saying how he raced hard and loved to attack, so don't sit doing 18mph blethering along, race like eddie.

The race was just outside perth at luncarty, and headed west on back roads i have no idea where they were but i did recognise a couple of farms where i have delivered tatties and sheep.

The race certainly lived up to his memory, the attacks were coming thick and fast on the twisty lumpy bumpy roads with a good high pace. I was sitting in the middle of the bunch getting pulled along quite the thing. Towards the end of the first lap i started to move forward thinking there's going to be a split with the strong winds and the fast pace.

The second lap slowed down a lot, with people looking at each other to see whos making the moves, i was sitting in a nice position in the top 10 feeling quite strong. I saw one that i thought looked good with a guy from bicycleworks and guy from a glasgow club; it didn't really get going, i think they just wanted to get the pace up again.

With the wind behind us the speed shot up to the high 30s, i took my eye off the ball and lost a few positions. Then some car was blasting his horn behind us and trying to overtake, he pushed his way in and caused a split in the race, i was on the wrong side of this. The speed increased on a slight downhill, with about 3 miles to go. I was doing 43mph and couldn't catch them, it was only a couple of bike lengths, but i couldn't bridge it. I kept my speed well into the high 20s early 30s on the flat but the gap was getting longer.

I was happy with the way i rode, but not with my position, i would of liked to finished in the peloton. Maybe next week at Meigle.

My fault for sleeping Zzzz.


chrisD said...

good work John, what was the car all about? It'll come don't despair.

Gordymac said...

Good effort John, I was speaking with Davie Macintyre at work today about it he said the pace from the off was pretty brutal, he couldn't understand the car either though.

Gordymac said...

Oh aye and spot the heelander, Tatties and sheep ;o)