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Friday, 9 July 2010

(Phlegmish) Green with Envy

After my latest acquisition, I'm no longer in the position to ever feel bike envy again. Last week I became the very proud owner of a spanking new Ibis Hakkal├╝gi. And I know I'm not the only VCMer to be lucky enough to forge bonds with one of these works of art, but I'm so happy I need to share it.

I've never had a road/cross-type bike that I've felt properly comfy on. I put this down to my short stature. This bike has somehow done away with that sensation of over-extension, despite it's top tube being slightly longer than that of my trusty Surly Cross Check's. I've equipped it with Campag shifters which seem to fit my hands better. Despite using those nifty shims for small hands, Shimano hoods have always felt like more than a handful for me, and the more delicate Campag hoods just feel right.

The Dugaste Tubs aren't mine - They're my house mate Kashi Leuchs'. He wasn't around to ask permission to use them, so I took them for a proper rip around on some rocky trails anyway. But he doesn't need to know about that...

Some consultation with Dr Jon about the appropriate breaks (which are amazing, I must add) and Andy about the suitability of the bike for the job, and I've got myself one hell of a nice ride.
However, the travesty of all this is that the 'Lugi is going to be a road bike, more or less, because there isn't a cross league within a 1000km of my home!


chrisD said...

nice, almost a travesty to use it on the road. almost

martysavalas said...


> there isn't a cross league within a 1000km of my home!
well make it happen then. [clap clap]

dRjON said...

or hey, its only about 47 hours on a plane?

good work....i suspect thats going to be a lot of fun.

mary said...

what a beautiful bike!

andytrailfettler said...

looks stunning Anja! chuffed you are enjoying it.