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Sunday, 25 July 2010

getting back to it

Although I've been to or around a lot of bike races this year, I've barely turned a pedal in months. A mixture of being away with work,weather and, um, laziness mean that the mileage column for 2010 is way down, whilst the waistline is way up.

It's a horrible vicious circle. Lack or riding > lack of fitness > loss of motivation > lack of riding. And it spirals onwards.



Ridden quite a lot this weekend at Tweedlove, probably more hours in the saddle in two days than I've managed in the last two months. 6 hours of mtb around the Tweed Valley yesterday and another 3 on the road bike today . Far too much pushing yesterday (and a spectacular bonk climbing up through Cademuir that required emergency rations to get me the couple of miles back along (the road) to The Hub). Far too much swinging off the back today.


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chrisD said...

I should follow your example. Good work.