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Monday, 18 October 2010

giving it everything

I love watching Zdenek Stybar race - totally committed, an exceptional bike handler, a racer who gives it everything. Check out him soloing to victory on Sunday at the World Cup opener at Aigle - constantly pushing so damn hard.

Amazing - that mental and physical strength to turn yourself inside out.

Pretty inspirational stuff.

For me Sunday was my 2nd cross race of the season, Rd 3 of the SCX Series at Strathclyde. 2nd race back after over a year off racing and training, trying to get my health sorted out.

After a pretty good start I found myself unexpectedly sitting in the top 3 at the start of lap 2! Things quickened up pretty soon after though and I wasn't able to follow the race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th, if I had tried I would likely soon have gone ka-boom! Some fantastic support from fellow VCMers, my friend Don visiting from Oregon, Ros, friends from Selkirk and fellow cxers, got me through some rough middle laps. Able to push a little harder on the last 2 laps I hung on for 5th!

Pretty chuffed with this. Just hope I can stay healthy, enjoy some more racing and get a little stronger as the season progresses, so maybe I can get to a point where I can give it everything for an hour..


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chrisD said...

great to have you back, the year out was the right thing to do.