Velo Club Moulin

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

ten thousand words


stevo said...

Yep. Keepin' it lit!

A skill level most of us can only dream of.

Awesome picture.

Gordymac said...

I got a mention from the announcer for bunny hopping a lump every lap at Meadowmill on Sunday, Granted it wasn't as stylish as this ;o)

Dean said...


Markdubya said...

Very much RADDNESS!

This gives inspiration to an Idea I have been noodling with for a coupleof weeks for a VCM fun day in the spring. The VCM Cyclo Cross Downhill race. Held on a CX friendly hill, flat bars and 26" wheels are banned? I have the venue near the pit, can even do uplift just need the interest. Anyone keen?

chrisD said...

Watch your language.