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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

after the highs come the lows...

Was pretty chuffed with the race at 10 @ KT. Thought the course was exceptional and for the first few laps I had a silly grin on my face on the descents plus it was ace to catch up with other VCM folk. Felt I pushed myself pretty hard and didn't blow up on any of the laps like in 2007..

Fast forward a week to my first road race of 2008.. East Kilbride Road Race, 55mile - 2/3/4/V/J. O.k it'll be pretty rapid with 3 laps on a lumpy course, so my goal is just to try hang in the bunch (or remnants of) and have a good dig up the final climb.

Unfortunately it didn't work out too well: Managed to stay with the bunch for most of lap 1 only to be shelled oot the back; bit of solo effort; catch a few guys in front; go a bit harder in this group; start feeling a little hungry (not what you want); start of final lap, bigger group from behind come up; been drinking lots and shovelling gels down but legs starting to stiffen..; half way round lap 3....boom! legs stop working and all that remains is to grovel to the finish, tail firmly between my legs.

Pretty dissapointed with this outing, especially being the first in VCM colours on the road. Still, it was a good training session and I can't really expect to be going well against roadie dudes who have been racing since March. Also feeling a bit run down all week from the race at KT with legs that never felt like they'd recovered, probably didn't help. Or maybe it was because I forgot to put my white oversocks on?!

Next up is a MTB TT race at Innerleithen next Tuesday night then the 4th cats support race at the Scottish Road Race Champs on Sat 2nd Aug. Hopefully, i'll be feeling a little perkier for these.


jac said...

Well done for giving it a go! You rode really hard at KT, so no wonder your legs were feeling a bit used.

chrisD said...

hmm, we might have missed a trick by not getting team over socks made! I'm sure it would have made a difference, sure ;-)