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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bontrager 24/12

Well to be honest ive been waiting for Jez to post his views on what was the most enjoyable event of the year, sunshine,music (jazz singer,24 dj's, live rock band,tour de france on a plasma screen, Geoff Waugh trying to buy my jersey !! )
But Jez now has a proper job working for Trek Uk ( great bunch of lads / lasses ) . And no time?
We both did a few laps in VCM colours, i did 4 laps back to back and yes lap 4 was a little slower i agree, but you dont want fresh legs Jez coming up behind you saying Go Faster Moulin' I had given my best for club / country by then and that was cheeky. I would expect that of the 'Pirate Duncan'. So i went back to the arena to change back in to my chief marshal's jacket to be shouted at from afar 'i want your jersey' from mr Waugh !!
So for the record Jez my lap times were 4o mins , 40 mins, 41 mins, 57 Doh! Wot Was Yours ??
Perhaps next year we take the whole VCM collective and take the silverware home, and Jez brings his now famous coffee machine and Mr Waugh takes the pictures we have a great time at what was a top event.
Jez top man ! you and Duncan together? Dangerous!!! Now off to Endura Sleepless In DA Saddle

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chrisD said...

watch him he likes a cleanly defined shaved leg!