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Sunday, 6 July 2008

The World's Most Efficient Engine

I popped out for a ride today - I thought twice about it when the rain was lashing at my window at 7am, but i repeated the mantra; "It always looks worse from inside...."
So i kitted up and departed.  Bearsden, Drymen, Balmaha, Rowerdennan, The West Highland Way, Inversnaid Hotel, Loch Katrine Forest, Aferfoyle, Strathblane, Home.

I  stopped at Aberfoyle to refuel.  The man behind the counter had too much gold jewelry and very long fingernails.
me:  "How's it going?"
him:  "Good.... Well,  I was good on Friday..."
my internal monologue: oh dear lord ... (cringe!)
him:  "I read the obituary on Friday and i wasn't in it.  So i knew it was a good day on friday."
me: (nervous laugh) "ah." 
my internal monologue: just smile and nod... (i nod.  and smile)
me: "Cheers very much.  I'll be off" (I teeter out as quickly as my road cleats allow)

I bought a bottle of lucozade and packet of rainbow coloured popcorn, which came to the grand total of 99p.

There's not much point to this, but it certainly proves, we are indeed,  very efficient engines. Factory standard, I can travel around about 80miles on less than a pound.  Just magine how far i could go on 99p with a bit more fine tuning...

Oh yeah, and I didn't even eat the popcorn :-)


jac said...

It's incredible what a little bit of adrenaline can do!

Let's try to harness some of that this weekend - can we get a scary local from somewhere?

Nick said...

I managed 25 miles this weekend on a £6.25 afternoon tea - sandwich, scone (with cream), cake and tea. It appear I have some efficiency improvements to make :)