Velo Club Moulin

Thursday, 17 July 2008

"how many of you are there?"

velo club moulin made quite the impression on 10@kirroughtree last weekend, cumulatively clocking up 600 km (and 13km of climbing!) over the 10 hours. on our parade lap john and i were asked "how many of you are there" and ewan, the laddie solo winner, rolled past at one point and asked what the team and jerseys were all about.

anyhoo, scores on the doors.

winner: jac - lassies solo
winner: anja - mixed pairs (with phil t. horse)
2nd: andy and steve - laddies pairs
safely in the peloton: john and me - laddies solo

course was a real tough guy/gal special - lots of rocky singletrack and no place to recover - even the forest roads were tough going. very glad i stuck some boing up front. not enough chances to boost offa stuff (see 10utb report) for my liking, but entertaining enough.

some highly amusing moments watching folks struggle with the rooty sections and some fantastic suicide overtaking on the singletrack. i was still giggling after witnessing one particular manoeuvre (which had left the protagonist facing the wrong way, on his arse and a good way off track) when i overcooked a fast corner and had to hit the eject button to avoid the great big trailside rock. ach weel, skin heals.

next up? might try to fit in a sportive or two before jetting off to the singlespeed worlds. or i might just go local and roll around in nettles for an hour or two to get myself ready for the poison oak in napa...

photo of popeye by trina


chrisD said...

at the last count we are 14 strong and it goes a little something like this, you, me, Marky Mark, Doug-C, Dougy-C, Anja, Jac, JEz, Johnny, Deano, Matt-P, Wee Paul, Andy, Stevo.

Next year we hope to swell to 20-25, I would like to get more cross riders for winter though, any applications?

And if anybody knows any BMX racers who would dig what we are about, then give them a nudge.

crosser nut said...

BMX as well, good god is no form of cycling safe from the white skinsuited machine.......