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Monday, 22 September 2008

cross season is here

Just in case you haven't been able to find the SCX calendar, it's here,on Friday afternoon I finalised the course for  our Glenmore Cross in the Cairngorms, it's going to be a fast and furious race with grass, singletrack, berms and fast tarmac sections to test the fittest of the skinny folks, gutted I have to work at the London Cycle Show as I think this has potential to be a regular on the circuit and if I can squeeze a bit more distance into the course would make a great Champs course.
3 Peaks this coming weekend which sees, Anja, Jac, Stevo, Deano and myself all putting ourselves through the calf clenching torture of this classic I've been trying my hardest to squeeze 'proper' type training in for this but to brutally honest, it hasn't happened. Family and work commitments have been taking priority, so I guess with 6 days to go its all about not drinking too much? Eat well and sleep better? Fingers crossed, I'm sure this time next week there should be some interesting postings. 

Take it easy out there,


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