Velo Club Moulin

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How pro are Chris' arm warmers?

A portion of the team that lined up for the 46th annual 3 Peaks Cyclocross race (courtesy of the very lovely Trina Ritchie. What an amazing event. My back, hands and arms are still recovering... think they will be for a wee while. Lucky with the weather, blessed with great company and spoiled with oodles of top notch nosh and booze. A perfect weekend away.

By the way... How pro are Chris' white arm warmers?!


ickle paul said...

never mind the arm warmers, were the legs shaved ? well done all

chrisD said...

You cheeky little man, so what about this 4th place you got at the weekend? Are we going to hear about it?
And yes they were shaved.
Next year I want to see you on that 3Peaks start line, you will love it. How you getting on with the new bike?