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Thursday, 25 September 2008

SCX etc

Last Sunday was a glorious day, and to add to its wonder, I had the last round of the SXC series to enjoy, held at Glentress, under unseasonably sunny skies. The track was awesome, thanks to VCM's own Andy. A combination of the existing hard-packed climbs and a descent on newly cut tracks it was pretty much and all up, all down lap with a small uphill pinch towards the end.

The downhill was amazing, with 3 inch deep mud hiding a network or parallel and diagonal roots
, we were pin balling down a wide-ish track across a fire road and into a much narrower, pedally section with equal technical challenges. Did I say it was amazing? I was helped by first class pit bottle-hander-upper, Dr Jon. Thanks Jon!

I came out with 4th place, not a stellar result but happy enough with it. And being a UCI race I was handed a cheque for £70 pounds... Enough to cover the cost of replacing the shoes I broke on my last lap :-)

3 Peaks on Saturday, and I'm not sure what i have in store for me. I'm sure it'll be fun though, judging by the picture of races gone by!

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