Velo Club Moulin

Monday, 29 September 2008

Les Moulineurs at the 3Peaks

Morning campers. How are we this morning? A little sore? A tad woolly? Well, so you can relive the GLORY of yesterday, here's some piccies for you. Well done. It was emotional!

Oh, just one more thing. I have put a teeny weeny selection on my news page here


chrisD said...

the agony the ecstasy, etc.
Don't feel too bad actually, legs know there has been something going on, not too tired though considering the drive there and back, maybe I didn't try hard enough!
Awesome rides from Anja and Stevo though, respect is due.
Shame about the weather;-)

Dean said...

Great photos Geoff.

Well done all - what an amazing event. As Chris said to me on the line, "Whatever happens you'll finish with some stories to tell..."

He was right!

Feel like I've been in a pub brawl today though.

More hill-walking for me... and yes, I fancy doing that all over again, but maybe giving it a year is wise.

anja mcdonald said...

I think if I gave up cycling now and started scaling mountains instead, I'd improve on this years effort. That said, I did absolutely love it. Big thanks to Dr Jon and Trina for passing out the odd bottle and to everyone for making such a cool weekend!