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Friday, 3 April 2009

fair weather rider

I've been struggling to shift a pesky throat infection since mid January, so have been taking it very easy on the bike since the start of the year (read sod all training).
Went to the docs recently but nothing showed up in the tests so i've started to get back into training steadily and will see how it goes. With a day off today and another fair day forcast I had to get out for a pedal.

The fair weather rider in me decided to procrastinate a while until the mist had lifted and the sun was well and truely out. Headed out around 1 and throughly enjoyed a steady 3 hrs in the saddle on one of my very favorite loops: Peebles - Traquair - Leithen Valley and over the Moorfoot Hills - Mur de Middleton - Gladhouse Reservoir - Meldons - Caidmuir loop - Peebles.

It was warm enough for shorts and short sleeves, arm warmers and cap being quickly despatched to the back pockets. Hell, there was even a heat haze on the road in places!

Got back and Frog was ligged out dozing in the sun on the back step - sensible cat!


Markdubya said...

We must respect the white over shoe! Long live the white over shoe.

andytrailfettler said...


white oversocks - had to wear them as a homage to early season riding in Mallorca. Couldn't make it this year, but the ride today felt just like being there.

Also make my milk bottle white legs look a little less pasty! Oh dear..

martysavalas said...

good to see another set of legs as peely-wally as mine...

p.s. purdey says hi! to frog.