Velo Club Moulin

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

it is time

Goatee of Filth is this Sunday.

At least three sectors of pavé. One special timed pavé stage - a top notch prize is on offer, so bring your A-game.

Two different endings so we can be back in time for Paris-Roubaix. Pace sociable with the odd habble. Starts at 10:00 sharp from B to the I. Arrive early for strong coffee and smack talk. Soup and cake afterwards.

Short - 101km, 1100m climbing.

Long - 126km, 1500m climbing

Email for start point.


andytrailfettler said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

See you Sunday.

Markdubya said...

Just awesome Marty, I'm excited and I cant even make it to ride.

Wish I could be there.


chrisD said...

I'm feeling more love to the shorter version;-)

martysavalas said...

pfft! short one misses the foret d'arratyberg, the pillars of hercules feede zone and the best climb of the day.

what would Stuey do?

crosser nut said...

you have climbs in your homage to Paris Roubaix????

Pfft, would never happen in my day.

Me I am going to ride the forest roads on my road bike to prove how tough I am, or maybe just think about it depending on weather

martysavalas said...

it's less of a homage, more of a pastiche of the northern spring classics.

chrisD said...

hmm, a pasty of the PR might be better.

grant said...

Ooohhhh....the Pillars of Hercules feed zone does some good cake.

That climb is great too. character building.

I'm not really gay said...

bah humbug, I'll be lucky to get down the river for an hour :-(