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Saturday, 4 April 2009

More from the Marshes

Dengie, the self-proclaimed 'Flanders in Essex' wasn't as hard, weather wise, as I had hoped. I recce'd the course the day before and it was wet and the winds were slamming my car door shut and disturbing my comb over each time I jumped out to get a snap. But the rains ceased overnight and the course dried out. The sun shone too. It was by all accounts A Good Day For A Race. I had planned to shoot a 'before and after' style piece and even brought my medium format film camera for that purpose. But the riders looked pretty fresh after the race! Only Warrick Spence appeared radically different since he used his chin as a brake in a spill near the end and came in dripping crimson. The juicy spot for crowds and snappers was the 200 metres or so of farm track that still had deep mud, puddles and broken housebricks (It is Essex remember). Lots of getoffs here. The pace from the start was fast and many got shelled out before reaching the circuit proper. Our Steve was in attendence: here he is and may wish to add a rider's eye view of what seems to set to be a calendar fave. You really should try and get something like it going in Scotland. If you build (or break) it, they will come.
(Technical gubbins: The mono pic was shot on a Horizon panoramic film camera. Mostly because the location is all sky and fields with a few giant haystacks thrown in to give your eyes a rest.) (Attire note: Steve is sporting the Sombrio Rasta glove something which no doubt rankled with the style conscious amongst the field. Bonus!) (Jacksie note: I never thought I'd crap myself climbing big haystacks. It was so easy as a kid! These things were huuge I tell ya.)

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chrisD said...

stevo, I need to help you out of that blue HH, drop me an email.