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Saturday, 10 May 2008

DH comes to VCM

Well hello to all in the VCM community.

I'm currently sunning my self on a white sandy beech in glorious Queensland sunshine whilst I post this blog!! Actually I'm in my mothers office in a house in middle Australia, but I'd like to think thats what all people think of when they think of Australia.


I think the Dh gods have been smilimg on me today as I managed to snag an entry into the SDA Downhill Championships this June. Anyone who has ever tried enter a Scottish downhill MTB event will know this is nie on impossible so i feel very gratfull.

The event will be a great oportunity to to show off the team colours in this genre of our much loved sport proving that Velo Club Moulin is the only true all round cycling team.

(From Australia, will be home soon)

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