Velo Club Moulin

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mmmmm, new kit!

Got my sweaty little paws on my vcm kit yesterday. Our very own Director Sportif dropped it off at Glentress.

It rocks. That eve I wanted to wear it out down to the shops but my girlfriend Ros quickly vito'd that idea. Maybe she had a point, there is alot of white going on, but i'm digging it. Not sure quite how i'm going to keep the white bits white come 'cross season? Any suggestions most welcome!

All that lovely whiteness has got me thinking about the rest of my attire. I'm currently lusting after an all white Atmos helmet, some white armwarmers and i'm contemplating hunting out my old white oversocks which normally only come out in Mallorca.. Chris joked I should get some white Sidis to complete the look. Think he's onto something there..

I've also convinced myself I need a white Santa Cruz Stigmata frame. My current fluro orange jake the snake just aint going to work with the vcm kit!

Think I need to have a word with myself....


jac said...

No! No more white! It'll just make you look peely wally!

chrisD said...

don't listen to her, embrace the peely wally, maybe I should be working on a fake tan supplier ;-)