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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Girls Own Adventure

After lots of planning and replanning, it's nearly here. It'll be an early start on Thursday morning to meet Emily at 8am in Glasgow, but it'll mean that we get to ride out of Glasgow during rush hour and slowly make our way to quieter, more tranquil trails.

The plan is to ride from Glasgow to Inverness, off road, in 4 days. We'll ride along the West Highland Way to Fort Bill then onto the Great Glen Way up to Inverness carrying everything we need (except a tent, we're not planning to slum it!).

I expect it'll be three tough days and then a slightly less tough forth day, but day one will be the real test (of friendship and grit I expect). The last few miles, at the end of a long day, are likely to be a bit of a portage (although I haven't told Emily that yet!), so fingers crossed we make it to the Drovers before they stop serving food without any tantrums.

So, my rucksack has been packed, emptied and repacked with slightly less stuff. All that's left now is to get through one more day of work, with legs twitching under the desk, then off!

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chrisD said...

sounds like an awesome trip and good training into the bargain.