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Thursday, 15 May 2008

A little bit of a late entry here, but I thought I'd put a wee note about my first ever single speed race - SSUK08. Firstly, a big thanks to Chris for the nice looking kit - unfortunately, mine will never be quite the same as I soiled it so badly on it's maiden voyage. A permanent, mud spotted reminder of that great day. And also to Trina, who so kindly lent me her shiny little red Voodoo Wanga for the ride. That too will probably never be quite the same. Sorry Trina!!

There were two main things that set that race apart from others I've done. The first was that I've never actually had to search for my bike before racing it (I thought I remembered where i laid it but I found about 7 other red Voodoos before I located my own and despite a good lead on the lemans start, i was one of the last to leave the paddock!), and secondly, i was keen on getting myself a beer on the track, but I was clearly either watching the track too hard or had too much mud in my eyes to see the beer stop. Consequently, my winning effort was fueled purely on energy drink, but a cold Grinbergen was thrust into my gritty gloved hands at the finish line to satisfy the need for beer.

SSUK08 was sandwiched between a day at Ae and a ride at Kirroughtree, so I left in a glorious state of singletrack repleteness. It was an awesome weekend, top notch company, plenty of amusing chat, enough sun and plenty of mud. A well organised event that everyone can be proud of being party to.

Oh, and a great trophy to boot!

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