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Saturday, 22 November 2008

accident prone??

This last week has been a strange 'un. I can't seem to stop having accidents...

Saturday - big crash at the cross race on the last lap attempting to pass 2 guys at the kerb into the off camber grass bit. A total mis time of a bunnyhop results in front wheel landing into curb and me passing the 2 chaps but in mid air and without my bike! 1 cracked helmet a bit of a stiff neck results!

Sunday - 2 crashes at Glenrothes. One just sliding out trying to go too quick round a corner. Grazed knee and bum. Second whilst in complete oxygen debt at the barriers, left foot catches on the barrier, I do a summasault with bike on shoulder, somehow managing to not injure myself or the bike. Gary McCrae is a complete gentleman and doesn't pass me/run over the top of me. Only a bit of a sore back.

Monday - Ros pokes me in the eye by accident..

Tuesday - in the dark walk straight into a metal road sign at work, again doing a full summersault over the front of it!! I get a sore right hip/pelvis bone for my efforts. Glad nobody spots me.

Thursday - cross practise down the park. All going well until practising dismount-bike straight onto shoulder by chucking it straight up on '1 handed' style. Crack my elbow hard on the top tube. Have to have a moment in the foetal (sp?) position. For some reason I keep going with the drills only to do exactly the same trick on the already sore elbow!! This time I stay down for longer, much to the bemusement of a passing dog walker...

Friday - front lights runs out on the pedal back from work. No accidents but a few sketchy moments attempting to ride along the pavement with pitch dark/fullbeam/pitch dark etc.. to contend with.

Hopefull my kharma bank is now restored to 0. Off to find some wood to tap....

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jac said...

Have you been thinking bad thoughts?