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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Glenrothes cross - pleasure, pain and pepperami

Last weekend we were treated to a double header - an SCX race on Saturday and Sunday. 2 hits of cross in 1 weekend is pretty special.

After feeling run down for a couple of weeks and a head full of cold the day before I was thinking about skipping Rd 5 on the Saturday. Glad I didn't as I had a good ride and thoroughly enjoyed the course and the chat.

Recovery drink woolfed down, warm down on the rollers, compression tights on (don't laugh!), lots of food, gentle spin on the rollers later on and some stretching and I was ready for Sunday.

I knew Sundays race at Glenrothes was going to hurt. Racing the previous day combined with a super intense, no let up, fast as hell type of course was always going to be painful.

Warming up (and falling off) on the rollers I knew I had to try and beat Iain N and Paul M in the race for the series overall. Legs were feeling pretty good considering. Across the way Dr Jon and Marty were warming up Rocky style - with a skipping rope. Ace.

Off the start I slotted into 3rd spot behind Kenta G and Iain with a small gap on the rest of the field. Coming round to start the laps proper I found myself at the front and feeling pretty frisky. Alas, mid way through lap 2 proper, taking the sharp left turn onto the bridge at the far end of the course I slid out, both wheels going with feet still clipped in. I didn't have the legs to bridge back up to the leading duo, but just rode as hard as I could.

The Pedal Power duo of James FM and Gary McCrae then started to close in. I had a bad patch here for a couple of laps, hurting like hell and lots of negative thoughts. They bridged up then dropped me. Crap.

Now I was down to 6th. But with maybe half of the race left I started to feel a little better. Add to this some fantastic encouragement from other VCMers and spectators, I was able to push harder and get back into a rhythm. Gradually I started to get closer to Gary, especially at the steps. A couple of laps later I caught up and after a second crash tripping arse over 'tit at the barriers (how I didn't hurt myself I don't know!), I was able to get away from him.

From here it was just go as hard as I could. James was around 20 secs ahead and Paul maybe another 20 in front of him. In these final laps I pushed myself harder than at any other point in the season so far. Alas I couldnt make it this time and rolled in around 15 secs back from James for 5th place.

This was for me the funnest race of the series so far. Even better was being handed a post race beer and pepperami, courtesy of Dr Jon. And better still was heading to Marty and Sues for post race food - top french onion soup and a spread to rival the legendary Tuesday night post nightride food at Pete Laings in Selkirk!

It was ace to see a good VCM contingent at Glenrothes. Anja rode another storming race to take her 6th straight win of the series. Awesome stuff. A report from the race is up on the British Cycling site

Next up - Irvine this Sunday. Sand, sea and an ice rink near by. Can't wait.
p.s. thanks to Sue Melrose for the pic - lots more fab ones at the scottishcyclocross pool


chrisD said...

good work, it sounded like it was a cracker of a race, sorry I missed it, you are still very much in the mix and it's looking like the series will be decided at Mull!

andytrailfettler said...

Cheers dude.

Am well fired up for Irvine, feeling much better than the last couple of weeks and got next week off work to train for the champs/Mull (and do some gardening!)

Will do a series update/Mull promo next week after the Irvine race.