Velo Club Moulin

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

its a winter sport

and with it comes the perils of winter, the dreaded cold! 

Still it gives me time to trawl the net for worthy stories, like the latest entry in Barry Wicks journal over at Velo News. his blog occasionally gets an update too.

Big shout out to Dougy who after his misfortune at Mugdock, found himself getting VCM on the DH podium at the Vibe DH last weekend, no doubt he will tell you all about it but respect is due, now buy a cross bike Dougy.

Peebles this weekend, its going to be snotty.


martysavalas said...

whits wrong with you? - for the cold - for the lack of manliness.

am i right? or am i right?

chrisD said...

indeed you are right, feel better already, interesting how my tastes have changed over the years,

adjustablecrumpet said...

since when did battered roadkill constitute a cold cure?!

chrisD said...

now that's rich coming from someone going by the name of 'adjustablecrumpet' ;-)

martysavalas said...

[i]since when did battered roadkill constitute a cold cure?![/i]
would you like me to send you your deep fried pizza or will you wait 'til mull?