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Friday, 7 November 2008

Winter training & racing.

It seems to be absolutely freezing in East Anglia and we’re only just into November- winter has arrived and caught me by surprise. Still need to sort out my winter kit and some decent lights for some night time road miles. I haven't raced my bike since the 3 peaks and to be honest I've been a bit unsure what to do race wise- keep going this season and do some cross or start preparing for xc racing next year? Winter training is a tricky one- do you follow the traditional approach of 'getting the miles in' or the more modern idea of 'quality over quantity'? Any views? The last few weeks I've mainly been enjoying a few spins on the road and the odd beer or two.

Last week I got all the motivation I needed to get some focus back- the dates were published for next years British Mountain Bike Series. The first race is in early April giving me 5 months to get in shape and ready to beast it. For me bike training is all about being focused and getting in a routine. In fact I find a routine is important for everything- take vitamin pills, if I get in the habit of taking them every morning then it’s no problem but once I forget a couple of mornings in a row that’s it, I stop for weeks. (Still not sure if they do anything but everyone in our office has the cold and I’m doing everything to avoid the inevitable) Having decided on some goals for next year I have a clear purpose and a good reason to drag my ass out of bed at 5.30am when it’s wet and cold! As for the winter training I think I’ll concentrate on getting ready for next year but the ‘cross is too much fun not to have a wee shot so I’ll do a few races and we’ll see how it goes. Got some particularly naughty Tufo Prestige tubs earlier in the week so once they’re glued on the ‘cross bike will be ready to roll- should be fun.

Good luck to everyone racing at Peebles this weekend. Wish I could have made my home race!


chrisD said...

We will do our best to have a good race at Peebles, agreed about winter training, it is a hard mental exercise apart from anything else.I struggle.

uncle g said...

Whereabouts in East Anglia are you Stevo? You need a good hill to hide behnd. Isn't either the Gog or the Magog large enough?! Seriously, I come from Colchester and am getting up there more frequently to visit my folks. If you are close and fancy a spin and the woods, basically trails have known since I was a kid, let me know. But don't expect a training session. I like talking ;-)