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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

racin in 4 days!

indeed, the saturday schedule has got me excited, it should be a good one, Sandy has been around long enough to know what constitutes a good cross course, so we are expecting a cracker!

but what of last weekend?
The big hitters were hitting hard once more, Anja scored another victory, despite some early race moments, proving she really is the one to beat in the womens race, but watch out, awesome to see Jac (jackie!) back and turning the pedals hard, a sweet 3rd place was her reward, best ride of the cross season  so far, respect, must be the pink bar tape?
Over in the blokes scene, young gun Andy shot off the start line like he had a two bob banger up his arse, awesome stuff, he had to settle for an eventual 4th spot, nice work. It keeps the league very much alive with Andy, Nimmo, McInally and Fraser-Moodie all in the running.
And the rest of us? Johnny admitted to a bad race, in my terms  I would be happy with Johnny's bad results but as is I limped in out of the points in the vets and Marty continued to gain on the rest of the field, his day will come!

Elsewhere, Kenta Gallagher, shaked the whole scene, rocking out some white lycra like he owned it, good man, though negative style points for the blue in the helmet and baggy shirt sleeves! Awesome riding though.

And the Doctor was as mental as ever, damn he is fast! Damn.

Cowdenbeath this SATURDAY!


anja mcdonald said...

I was playing silly buggers early on in the piece, trying to keep abreast of Jon, and paid the price by going for a slide along the path - almost taking Jon out while i was at it!

The Good Dr was kind enough to give me a lift over to the race and I repay him by trying to take him (and probably a few others!)down in a slidey muddy heap.

I'll try and stay more upright next time. Sorry!

jac said...

Hhhhm! I'll give you jackie!

martysavalas said...

soup/cakes/beer/coffee at B to the I after both races. approach me on the start lines for directions and secret password.

anja - extra helping of cake for taking jon out properly this week?

Dean said...

Good going everyone!

I'm racing on Sunday; been off the bike for a month, but finally I'm back on wheels. ~ I hope not to entirely shame the VCM colours. Will report back...