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Monday, 22 June 2009

Abort, Retry, Fail!

Sometimes things seem to happen for a reason. For the last month or so I have had moments on a bike where I didn't feel as if I was firing on all cylinders. Most of the time was able to write it off to not enough: sleep/food/drink. Then my body refused Coffee so that and reading an article on Singletrack and doing some 'net searching on the rash on my side I went to the Doctors. It would appear that at some point (possibly whilst drunk in the Scottish Highlands) I made an unwanted acquaintance with a Tick and from this I appear to have now got Lymes disease. The antibiotics seem to be working but it has meant that I had to bail on doing the Dave Lloyd Mega challenge this weekend just passed as anything more than about an hour in the saddle leaves me feeling like I have ridden a century.

So to make up for this I decided to go out for a bivvy on Saturday night, the evening rolled round I jumped on my newly fettled fixed(a week off work left me with time to play with bikes more than normal) and off I pedalled to the north downs to hopefully watch the sunset and fall asleep in a nice meadow. I arrived at my choosen spot to see heavy cloud rolling in from the south a light spattering of rain in the air and too much cloud to witness the sunset! Nevermind, I rolled out my sleeping kit, discovered how slippery a wet thermarest can be when you are in a bivvy bag on the not ideal gradient. The rain left and the midges arrived so hunkered down and shielded as much as possible from the bity ones I drifted off to the land of nod.

Only to awake a couple of hours later to the realisation that my mind had decided sleep was not an option, I lay there for a while, witnessed two shooting stars and a saterlite whiz past. Then decided I was probably best aborting the mission and riding home. As I was packing my kit away a pretty horrific scream emerged from the woods in the distance, I doubled my packing speed fired up my shiny new Maxx D (cheers Rory!) and tried to get out of the woods as fast as possible on damp chalk and 23c road tires (geriatrics shuffling for the bus have been seen to move faster) From this point on the night improved massively, I love riding around deserted roads late at night, the temperature was spot on, the sky crystal clear and I was riding my bike :-)

Bikes are amazing!


andytrailfettler said...

glad you made it out of the woods ok ;)

Sorry to hear you picked up Lymes disease. Sounds like you've caught it early though and are on the mend.

I've had many of the symptoms of Lymes disease over the last 6 months (not the rash though), but tests for it came back negative.

Know what you mean about short rides taking it out of you - A quick trip to the post office and back today has left my legs feeling wrecked! not good.

Hope you make a full recovery soon.

Chris_M said...

ugh. That's rubbish Phil. Hope you mend soon & well.

Phil The Horse said...

Andy, Are you aware that the test for Lymes has a 50% rate of returning a non-positive result, either way so just because the test says no it doesn't mean that you don't have Lymes :-|

andytrailfettler said...

yeah, read the article on Singletrack. I'll ask to get another test done soon.

Phil The Horse said...

push them for the drugs! they don't seem to have any fun side effects which is disapointing! but they do seem to be working!

chrisD said...

nasty business, glad you are on the mend though.