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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Motor Pacing.

Awesome ride home from work yesterday. Got tucked in behind a bus in the queue for a level crossing. Thought I'd try and stick with it till my legs went pop. Managed to stay right on the bumper all the way to the next village where the bus took a different route. Amazing buzz! Road riding often has little excitement when compared to riding off road but some cheeky motor pacing is a real blast. All you focus on is the brake lights and the engine noise of whatever vehicle you're following, you got to be ready to hit the brakes pretty sharpish when someone wants off the bus! Didn't have a computer on my bike but we were easily doing 40-50 mph, and it felt easy, such is the reduction in wind resistance from the double decker. Look out for buses to chase it's the most fun you can have on a road bike.

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martysavalas said...

see also: mopeds.