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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Played it 'til my finger bled

Last night was round 3 of the Lotts wood summer evening series of XC races. So a little later than planned (sorry guys!) we loaded up Lisa's car, with Jones at the wheel off we set. I didn't take a bike as this would have resulted in me racing and I am trying to be sensible at the moment! So instead I took my Bell.

We arrived in Time, met up with Deano. And off the boys went to warm up whilst myself and Lisa went to scope heckling spots on the course.

At 7.30 the horn sounded and off the racers went and off we set to heckling spot 1 through the brambles and nettles. as the race progressed we were able to meander around the woods taking in several chances per lap to get some encouragement in due to the fantastic use of the woods to create such a tight and twisting course. One of the marshalls didn't seem to be to keen on the fervent cow bell ringing and voiciferous support we offered to the riders so we rang the bells a touch more franticaly and shouted a bit more :-)

5o minutes later the winner crossed the line in the form of The Boy Gary Jones with Deano rolling in shortly afterwards to claim 3rd spot(I think but the results have not been published yet) All in a top evenings fun was had by all.
Roll on the next round.


martysavalas said...

ooh, a contender for the new award...

if the weakly fingered want to email me your address, then ill send you one of these.

andytrailfettler said...

dedication to the cause!

my coo bell ringing induced blister from the Ed Nocturne has just healed.

bit of bar tape should do the trick or would that be cheatin?

Dean said...

Thanks guys! I was practically falling asleep on the bike and as those woods are so small it was like being heckled all the way round :^)

Top VCM Southern Division dinner to boot.

chrisD said...

awesome effort, it is looking like a new award for the 'golden glove' might have to make its way agenda for the end of year ceremonies,

Gareth and Deano, splendid riding chaps.