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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Trans Portugal Update

News in from Chris Marquis via text;

"Day:1 crack frame jra at 13km out of 145. Ride on with seat post holding frame together. Hard and beautiful ride. One too many false horizons. Finished.
Day 2: Sat it out to await a new bike. Helped pack and unpack the luggage van. The crew on this are stars. The riders have it easy. Watch the sprint for the line. Then watch mere mortals roll in in various states of fucked-ness. Eat potatoes. Shiney new ride appears near midnight from somewhere. More later..
So many hundred euros lighter I set off again for day 3.
Day 3: Later start of 10am. At least 30 deg by then. Awesome ridge top riding for 30km along the border part, the first broken bone victim. V.good biking."

I'll get the latest up as it arrives,

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