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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

new race weapon!

Just put a deposit down on a new cx frame/forks, an Ibis Hakkalugi frame and Alpha Q CX20 forks. Should be here within 6 weeks. Getting excited already.

A big thankyou to Ian P at Stif for helping us out.
Hopefully I might be able to get it below 16lb complete. Or maybe i'm dreaming. Pretty much convinced i'm going to shift over to Sram from Shimano - if I can get my paws on some of the updated Force gruppo in time for cross season. Going to keep my Tune/Reflex tubulars wheels and aim to build up a second set of the same, not sure about finishing kit - the bike tart in me says matching bars/stem/seatpin. Hmmm... Quite tempted to try eggbeater pedals - anyone use 'em and got any thoughts?

Got the small matter of trying to sell two bikes in the mean time. Think my Jake the Snake crosser and my Chameleon jumpy bike are going to have to fund all this...

pics from
Now, if I could just get myself heathly again sometime soon..


Phil The Horse said...

Badass! That looks sweet :-) as for the bar/stem/seatpin matching that is verging on mandatory ;-)

chrisD said...

I second PtH comments, in my experience good health quickly follows a new bike ;-)

dougal.s said...

When you selling your JtS frame then?

Egg beaters OK, prefer the Candy as it gives a bit more support.

andytrailfettler said...

aiming to sell the the jake the snake August time. It's just your colour ; )

Dean said...


Agreed that bar tape/saddle and stem/post need to match to avoid a collar/cuffs faux pas :^)