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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Edinburgh Nocturne parcours - Sat 30th May

Getting back a little earlier than expected from the Herring road ride on Monday meant I had plenty of time to mooch and have a wee sneaky peek at the Edinburgh Nocturne circuit in and around the Grassmarket.

The circuit is awesome with a hairily fast section back down into the Grassmarket from George IV bridge aswell as a cobbled climb up Victoria Street. This didn't feel as stiff as I remember but I doubt i'll be saying that after the 15th time of going up it flat out! If I make the start list.

Here's a few spy shots:

Repaved section in the grassmarket - super smooth!

Bit of a tight squeeze through here onto the Victoria St climb. Good positioning key me thinks.

Half way up Victoria St and the pave becomes a little rougher. Gaps big enough to swallow a folding bike wheel whole!! ; )

Right turn onto Candlemakers Row could be tricky in the wet! From here a very rapid descent back to the Grassmarket. And repeat.


chrisD said...

the Bromptons suspension will suck that Pave! I hope:-/

martysavalas said...

Made sure a trip to Edinburgh on Sunday took in a wander round the course. Turns at the W end of the Grassmarket will be "interesting" if wet. ;)

dRjON said...