Velo Club Moulin

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pedal...Eat...Sun Cream...Repeat


Jac and I are off tomorrow early doors EDI to LHR to LIS, then spending about 8 hours on a coach to get to Bragaca. Saturday will see us build up bikes and start psych-ing out* the other athletes for the ensuing eight days of the Trans Portgual Moontain Bike stage race.


If there is any public internoot access in any of the teeny wee villages we are staying in then we'll try and put some words on t'blog... otherwise check out for daily updates.

*by pulling crap wheelies and doing skids in the carpark ; )


adjustablecrumpet said...


and have fun :-)

anja mcdonald said...

Grrrrrr! Go get em!

martysavalas said...


if you want me to fly out and heckle then let me know.

va' se foder! etc.

chrisD said...

it will be a blast, enjoy!

badger dave said...

have fun, you can fake portugese by speaking spanish with a strong polish accent. Seriously.