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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Roaring Meg

Central Otago is one of my favourite spots in New Zealand. It's consistently hot and dry in the summer months and can be relied upon for some of the best snowfall in the country during the winter. Queenstown, Otago's activity epicentre, is a popular tourist destination year round and the surrounding mountains and lakes provide a stunning backdrop to what has been dubbed the Adventure Capital of New Zealand.

It has a history, too, as it was one the first places in NZ to be settled by early colonials, lured by the promise of gold, back in the 1800's. Nowadays, it's adrenaline junkies and wine enthusiasts who roam the streets in search of their next big hit (Central Otago is synonymous with fine Pinot Noirs and excellent Rieslings and Chardonnays!)

A couple of weeks ago two friends and I set out to ride Roaring Meg - one of the old pack tracks used by early settlers. It was a stunning ride, in open alpine tussock, over a ridge, into (and out of) a steep sided valley crossed with frigid alpine streams and down an eye-wateringly fast fire road to the Roaring Meg itself - a hydro electric dam built in 1931.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but it was a big sky day, a bit cold on the tops, a bit warm in the valleys and 6 punctures were equally shared amongst the 3 of us.

Spaniards - Like a pin cushion made of sharpened knitting needles. The valley floors are studded with them, they'll take a core sample if you're unlucky enough to fall in them and tires spontaneously deflate if they come anywhere near them


trina said...

looks sweet Anja, maybe except for those spiky things . .

martysavalas said...

didn't realise Wheelie World was based on NZ.


anja mcdonald said...

mmmm. Quite possibly. Minus the angry Welshman and blinking mushrooms.