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Thursday, 21 May 2009

racin' and trainin'

I'm starting to get excited about cross season (only 4 months away!) and consequently have been getting fidgity about racing again. I got an entry through for the Ed Nocturne support race the other day which has fired me up to get a racing schedule sorted. Here's what i'm plotting:

24/05 - Super 6 Crit, Dumfries (3/4 cat)
30/05 - Edinburgh Nocturne Crit (4 cat)
10/06 - Eastern Promise RR (1-4 cat)
27/06 - Lothian Flyer RR (4 cat, fab wee hilly race near Peebles, throughly recommended!)
4-5/07 - Singletrack weekender (not entered yet but sounds fun, any other VCMers going??)
11/07 - 10 at Kirroughtree (pairs with Stevo hopefully)
16/08 - Super 6 Crit, Hawick (3/4 cat, if it's on..)
23/08 - Super 6 Crit, Irvine (3/4 cat)
5/09 - Super 6 RR, Lowthers (4 cat)
20/09 - Nat Trophy CX 1, Exeter (maybe..)
04/10 - Scottish Cyclocross Series Rd1

The crits are ace at simulating the efforts in a cross race and well 10 @ KT is just one of the funnest bike races i've ever done.

In addition to a bit of racing here's what an average week of training might look like in the build up to the cross season:

Weights (x2) squats and core stuff
Intervals (x2) raise power, fitness, efficiency etc
Cross drills (x1) guaranteed heckling from local youths down the park, but fun!
Endurance ride (x1 or 2) mtb, cross or road, shortish - 1.5 to 3hrs done v.steady.

Add in some weeks of heavier blocks of intervals (maybe 2 or 3 before cross season starts) and it all starts to look a little dull I know, but is quite effective and doesn't take up too much time when there's other stuff going on..

What's anyone else got planned??


Phil The Horse said...

Plans? to ride my bike as much as i can:-) and pull my finegr out and get back to doing intervals! And yes to the Singletrack weekender it should be ace :-)

chrisD said...

holds head in shame:-(

dougal.s said...

Man, now I might not bother racing 'cross this year if you're gonna be destroying the place! ;o)

Chris_M said...

eek... : )

I may hate riding bikes after Portugal, so not making too many plans. Also, too many big rides in the hills to be done, not enough time. The STW weekenda sounds like fun, and once I summon the necessary inner calmness to deal with PayPal I will get an entry.

jac said...

Well I'm leaving the Singletrack weekender in Chris' hands so who knows what'll happen, but I'm signed up to solo again at KT and I'm hoping to do the Puffer lite if it runs.

Of course all of that might change after Portugal - I might never want to sit on a saddle again!

anja mcdonald said...

One upshot of being jobless is the extra riding you can get in. For premium training, ditch your day job! Good luck Andy :-)

andytrailfettler said...

oh to work less!

3 days work, 4 days off a week would be ideal - get the balance back more to how it should be.

Damn the culture of work!

have a read of 'How to be Idle' by Tom Hodgekinson if you get a chance. A very fine read indeed.