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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Herring Road

The Herring Road - "a centuries old route running south from Dunbar to Lauder originally used by fish cadgers and borderfolk bringing stock of salted herring for winter use."

Not sure what a fish cadger exactly did but they must have been hardy buggers to carry their wares over these beautifully desolate hills. A beast of a headwind made for steady progress and some uncomfortableness as Jac and I climbed our way south from Dunbar towards Whiteadder reservoir on Bank Holiday Monday. Add in some light rain and general gloom ahead and I think we definately made the right decision to cut things short at the road back to Gifford.

It had all the potential to turn into a 9 - 10 hr epic if we'd have pressed on over the hills for Lauder. Which on a better day would have been fine. Instead we zipped (tailwind assisted) back to Gifford on a fantastic section of tarmac road, then Haddington, before spinning along the cycle path to Longniddry and the train back to Ed.

Two things struck me about the train ride home. First how scarily fast the high speed trains travel through Longniddry station on the east coast main line. Eeek! Second, what an excellent job First Scotrail have done with bike provision on their local service trains - 8 bike spaces in one carriage, complete with tyre mounts and seat belts! Bravo! Add in a friendly attendant and it made for one enjoyable train journey home!

A very enjoyable 4hrs ride on trails that have excellent potential for a Scottish 3 peaks type event. And great to be on the cross bike again - it just felt right. Thanks Jac!


andytrailfettler said...

the muckle saddlebag evident on the left of the final picture is not on my steed I hasten to add! What a beauty!

jac said...

Definitely one to try again on a slightly less stormy day. I don't think that part of East Lothian does wind free days, but certainly a bit less windy.

Let's try another VCM cross outing in a month or so's time.

dRjON said...

ah! longnidry! where i was brought up, and where i first scarred my knees riding too fast round a corner...