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Monday, 30 March 2009

And the clocks go Forward

Hurrah! more light in the evenings. But correspondingly Sunday morning came an hour earlier (at least) than desired.

However it was for a good reason namely to go and ride bicycles and more to the point round 4 of the Gorrick spring XC series held at the amusingly (well it makes me giggle) Porridge Pot hill.

Upon arrival friends were bumped into and pre race nerves were calmed with banter. The course was as usual a treat. Some sweet, steep, freshly cut, loamy singletrack descents a couple of nasty pinches of climbs and some wide open fireroad to recover on.

The Pack split after the initial few tight turns with by the sound of things a few dummys being thrown from prams as riders tangled in the trees. Then it was off into a nice steep fireroad decsent followed by an equally steep climb and into the joyus loamy singletrack and all concerned got on with thier racing.

All in a top day riding bikes.

Cheers to Joolze for her sterling service behind the camera capturing the action.

Photo credit Joolze Dymond


andytrailfettler said...

Good work fella. 'Super Masters' sounds a pretty rapid category!

Phil The Horse said...

For the rapid ones it is, for the rest of us its 4 laps without getting our asses kicked by 18 year olds :-)