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Sunday, 22 March 2009

I just had the greatest omelette in the world

Managed to complete my first road race of the year this morning.

It was a treat the sun was shining, the birds were singing and a bunch of lycra clad partially shaven (in my case) men and women lined up in the sleepy Surrey village of Dunsfold to go and ride around in circles until we had completed 50 miles looking at each others asses and avoiding each others spit balls.

The pace was nice from the start and on the third lap I figured I would go for a pair that had already made a break to see how my legs were feeling. Not the wisest move (I rarely make wise moves when road racing) but they felt good. The pack caught us and I dropped back in to the group to see how things went. About half way through and my legs felt pretty good still so I rolled out wise move number two to try and catch the group who had broken off the front and were steadily making a sizable gap. For about 3/4 of lap I sat out by myself slowly trying to close the gap when I was joined by another wise man and the pair of us set out to try and wind ourselves up to the front. Two laps later and we were toasted, sat up and tried to recover a bit before the group caught us again. Which fortunately took longer than either of us had expected and meant when the group came through We sat in with and promptly went backwards fairly quickly and held on for the remainder of the race.

All in a great way to spend a Sunday morning and now its time to eat (more)!


chrisD said...

sounds great, I partially dug over the father in laws veg plot, sow and ye shall reap etc.

do you eat eggs?

Phil The Horse said...

I only part read your comment initially. just the bit about digging over your father inlaw, missed the bit about the veg patch :-) yep i eat eggs and am back on the meaty goodness.

martysavalas said...

i heard you'd never actually given up meating eat...

is that too blue for this show?

chrisD said...

marty you ears like sewers