Velo Club Moulin

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Innerleithen winter series round 2

The course was an Innerleithen classic, taped by Steve from I-cycles and Matt from Alpine Bikes. Saturday was practice day and I was having fun with the steep and rooty top section cutting into the fast flowing 39 steps course. After 5 smooth runs I was feeling good and looking forward to my timed run on Sunday.

Unfortunately it rained all Saturday night/Sunday morning making bits of the course a bit greasy and the roots even slidier which I found to my peril in the first practice run Sunday morning. I was on and off Williamson style! Only joking Mark.

The sun showed in the afternoon, not enough to dry the course, but I managed to convince myself it had (its all about PMA after all) so when it came to the timed run I managed to get my race head on and with a couple of mistakes on the way down, I was happy to finish fifth with a time not too far off the leaders. So it's back to the gym for more training to help get that elusive podium.


Markdubya said...

Hey, I'm surveying the course when I stop, looking for that secret pro line. Not because I'm scared or anything and cant ride it!!

Well done Dougie for another top result, keep up the good work mate.

If you where racing at world cup level 5th would be on the podium. Hooray!

andytrailfettler said...

Good work squire!

I'm thinking of having a bash at a dh type affair or two this season -last race I did was in 1994! Then you raced DH in the morning then xc in the aft.. Guess things have moved on a little since then!

Was thinking maybe the Enduro Avalanche at Ae, May 9th, 10th. Ok not proper dh but I don't have a bike for the real thing.

A wee short course dh race series at Inners would be ideal. Need to pester Stevie Deas some more.

Markdubya said...

Hey Andy,

Don't let not having a proper DH bike stop you, Dougie has plenty to go round. He could almost start a hire company.

Maybe one of our monthly rides could be a VCM Short course DH at the secret track or even Dunkeld. Team members only of course and certain invitees.


Sircrashalot said...

Why not, Cameron Cycles Hire Centre could manage that. Just bring two pieces of id one with your address lol.