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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Blairadam Blast.

It was time to see if the winter of chopping logs and dragging ice blocks was going to pay off.
The Blairadam Blast is a new event organised by Bike Blairadam and is the season opener. The course - described by some as Belgian New Style, or by others as a short track race - centred on a rooty, rocky winding track that had only 2 short fire road sections. A large bomb hole with kicker exit and ladder bridge into an off camber drop-off meant early season skills would be tested. The short, but steep climbs are a test for the legs.
65 riders lined up for the start. With lap times expected to be around 15 minutes, the spectators were vocal.

  • VC Moulin were well represented with JohnMac, Marty, ChrisM, Jac, and myself all in attendance. As the gun sounded, the nervous shivers were transformed into pedal strokes and the pace for the day was set. Fast. An hour and a half duration with no real recovery on the lap meant that the blistering start was going to send some into the red zone. Fighting for a good position into the first singletrack is critical if you are aiming for a good finish but it is early in the season to be testing the heart rate recovery so viciously.

  • Nevertheless, the Moulin crew settled in the upper half of the field and kept it tight but loose through the first 3 laps. Chris was having trouble with a seized EBB that meant his chain was dropping as he hit the stuttery sections over roots, and martin's seat had slipped giving his prostate a prod every time he sat down. Jac powered through the women's field on her singlespeed and maintained fine form through the mid laps. John showed that despite lacking saddle time recently he could still remember how to apply the torque.

  • As the laps counted by James Fraser-Moodie, Douglas Shearer and Andy Cathcart flexed their muscles and applied the pressure. Down in 7th place I felt I had more to give and tried to ride sensibly on the steep ups and use the technical flowing sections to reel in those in front.

  • Support from the crowd raised spirits despite Chris eventually having to pull. Jac expanded her lead and I managed to catch the 2 riders in front with some wily tactics and chest opening hard efforts on the last lap to bring it home.

  • Jac: first lady, first singlespeed lady
    Me: 5th overall, first singlespeed man
    John Mac: 12th overall
    Marty: 17th and second singlespeed male
    Chris: 53rd

    Thank you Susan, Janet & Trina for support and photos.


    Dean said...

    The course sounds fantastic. Very well done the lot of you!

    To be up near the mighty Cathcart is a result, Jon.

    Scott said...

    Nice pics! I happened on to your blog from the blogroll feeds at

    GenghisKhan said...

    Came across this pretending to work! Sounds like a great effort from all--congrats.

    Markdubya said...

    Nice work Giys, our team is off to a flyer for 09. Good results from all. The course sounded amazing.

    Well done

    anja mcdonald said...

    Watch out Mr Fraser-Moody!!
    Good work everyone!

    grant said...

    Pics are now up here:

    VCM are well represented. Just search for your race number - they're all tagged.

    andytrailfettler said...

    Well done y'all - top riding and representing.

    Wish I could have made it along - alas weekend ranger cover duties saw to that..

    All that VCM kit has got me thinking - white lycra oversocks with VCM stripes across them. How very pro would that be??

    chrisD said...

    ask and ye shall get,

    who all want oversocks?

    the DS.

    Dean said...

    /puts hand up/

    And socks - we NEED socks!


    martysavalas said...

    oversocks - yes!

    socks - hell yes!

    jac said...

    So what exactly are willy tactics (hee hee hee)

    martysavalas said...

    or how about VCM belgian booties?

    for that flandrian about town look.

    chrisD said...

    just be patient little ones,