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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

flying by the seat of my pants..

I remember when I started night riding i'd stumble along the trails with just the dim glow of a wobbly petzl headtorch or 5wt vistalite to guide the way. Then you'd more 'feel' your way than see your way. An incredible feeling indeed. Tyres slipping on roots, catching the edges of the trail, body weight shifting nervously to stay upright, glimpses of the trail changing direction at the last minute, missing turns altogether and ending up in the bushes!

A few years ago I got my paws on a Lupine Edison 5. Bright yes, faster nighttime riding for sure, great for racing, but there's always been something niggling away that some of the fun of nightriding had been lost.

With this in mind I recently purchased a Exposure joystick. Using only a narrower spot beam I figured might bring back some edgy-ness to night rides.

Last night I got a little more than i'd bargained for..

My friend Steven invited me up to his local trails around Newbattle, just south of Edinburgh. A week of dry, windy weather had dried the trails out beautifully. Some late afternoon showers added a little tackiness to the dirt and slickness to the roots. The trails were stunning, sadly my riding was less so*.

The joystick stuck to its side of the bargain with its tightly focussed beam making for hairy riding all round trying to keep up with Steven. Cue lots of front wheel slides and sketchy moments. It felt amazing. Unfortunately I had a stupid crash. Whilst riding up over a wee mound, my front wheel lifted, my back one slid out, I fell backwards landing awkwadly on my shoulder then banging my head into a tree!

So tail firmly between my legs today and one sore shoulder to boot.

*probably less to do with my lack of lighting, more a lack of recent riding and consequent loss of ability!

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