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Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday soul revival

Friday soul revival.

Well it has to be said that the last 2 months have probably been the hardest of my life. Been a lot going on in the Williamson house with new baby arrivals and the problems that it has brought. (story too long to tell and most of you probably know it) With all that has been going on it has very little time for all things bicycle until this morning.

This morning I managed to get 2 hours to myself so headed out for wee spin around the Pit. The air was cold and my head was saying what that the hell are you doing, But I climbed slowly out of Moulin and over to a lovley wee single track decent down through Black spout, It was ace to feel the dirt beneath my wheels again, it had been far too long.

As you will see from a few of the photos I am now sporting a lovely second chin for my non efforts on the bike and and have re entered the 17 stone club again. My Le Grande Roulier status in the club has really taken on a different perspective!!!

From Black Spout my Friday Morning get away takes me through a very quiet high street of the Pit and down through Faskally Wood and along the the river towards Killiecrankie. As I pedelled along the single track I could feel my woes of the past few weeks lifting and the smile began to reach across my face. I'm always amazed how somthing so simple as a piece of single track can take away any blues or troubles you might have and just let you live in the moment. For that hour and half my soul was re-vitalised and I can now smile again. I've been a right grump lately.

Like most of the team I carry a wee hipper on most rides, even on a Friday morning a wee nip just ads to the moment and gives time for reflection on the trail that you have just left behind. Or you could just have a nip for the sake of having a nip, either reason is good enough in my book!

From Killiecrankie The trail takes me up and under the A9 viaduct which hangs off the side of Craigower which just leaves a nice pedal through the forest along tarmac smooth landrover paths behind the Pitlochry golf club and down to the Moulin Hotel, our sacred club house.
Fingers crossed I will be at the Pub for the start of PBP, as for any racing this year I have resigned myself to the team car at the back of the pelaton for 09 but am very much looking forward to our monthly epics be it on the tarmac or on the dirt.

Good luck to all the team this year and welcome to all of our new signings for 09

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martysavalas said...

bon travail LGR.

nothing like a bit of riding time to settle the head.

chrisD said...

don't let him fool you, he is flying, he just gave me 3+ hours of a kicking in horrible conditions.