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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Three Moulineers

Three is the Magic number. Yes it is, it's the magic number¹.
And three was the number of Moulineers who ventured out to fly the faux Belgian Flag at last weekend's Gorrick race at Crowthorne.

It was a splendid Southern Spring Sunday and the near perfect conditions had certainly encouraged a few extra folk out of their winter hibernation. In fact, entries to this series are up 50% over last year's entries. The slick organisation coupled with the courses' fun factor makes for a very popular compact series.

After having dislodged Singular Sam's van from a hole, The Three Moulineers, Deano, Phil and Anja, met in the vicinity of the chip van. Phil and Anja were racing at the more gentlemanly hour of 2pm, whereas Deano had fronted up to the far earlier Master's race. Cups of tea were
ordered to take the edge off the cool air, and Deano hoovered down a post race bacon buttie and a portion of well salted chips², his brazen racing efforts earning him a solid top twentyfive placing and a good appetite. Post-race reports and quick practice lap confirmed the two other Moulineer's suspicions... it was going to be dry, fun and fast.

Leaving Deano to digest, Phil and Anja went and found their spots on the start grid and waited for the start gun. Phil swigged from a hip flask charged with fine Single Malt and willed his legs to be strong while Anja, a few rows back, fretted that the combination of a too-tall gear and an uphill start line would have her running to the crest of the hill (a very undignified way to start a race).

The gun went and the race proceeded like clockwork. Phil's legs were strong enough to earn him 5th spot and Anja didn't suffer the indignity of running the first hundred meters. The course was the perfect mix of tight twisty³ bits, straight pedally bits, the odd spot to replenish fluids and a sharp, short eye-ball shaking downhill. Some enthusiastic heckling supplied by Deano spurred on the intrepid riders and at the finish line, there were more swigs of whisky all round and a lavishly decorated celebratory cupcake to be consumed⁴.

Post-race cupcake endorsed by Anja, photo by Deano

All in all, the VC Moulin was proudly represented and a thoroughly enjoyable
day was had by all.

1. Pasta Nous of hip hop legends De La Soul
2. Clinically proven to replace electrolytes faster than shite tasting recovery drink
3. A affectionately known as the 'Corkscrew'
4. Also known to replace electrolytes


dRjON said...

vc moulin knuckle dusters on order?

chrisD said...


cowbells are on order,

congrats everyone for a great weekend racing,

cari salutti

the DS.

andytrailfettler said...

Good work all round! Ace report Dean, got my racing legs well and truely a twitchin'

I'm in full admiration of Phils beard - a fine example indeed, good length and density!! Oh for such a manly beard..

jac said...

Yay! Well done!

Sounds like you guys got slightly better weather than we did - pah!

trina said...

nice write up
did you forget to mention your first place in expert class?
Jon says "brand awareness kiddo"

ThePixelMerchant said...

Nice one peeps! I love Crowthorne - the only venue I ever raced that had a downhill start. Elbows out,luvverly!

ThePixelMerchant said...

Can I put my musical anorak on for the moment and say that De La Soul sampled the original of the same name by one Bob Dorough when asked to write a track that included multiplication tables. The track went onto be the first track in the Schoolhouse Rock show. Kevin Mercer of De La Soul's actual stage name was/is Posdnuos which is "soundop, or Popsound. Until I next break out the Amazing Musical Anorak that's all for now.